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Wine and dine at Marble

If you’re craving a bit of meat or a good array of enticing vegetarian meals cooked over a magnificent, custom-made wood-fired grill, you probably might want to visit ‘Marble’. Voted by Jozi as the Best Spoil Yourself Restaurant in the annual Best of Joburg Readers’ Choice Awards 2017, this divine eatery combines food and style to perfection.

Marble is an exquisite restaurant situated at the corner of Jan Smuts Avenue and Jellico Street in Rosebank. Since its opening earlier last year, the vibrant eatery has become a significant addition to Rosebank’s growing art and food destinations, celebrating a unique combination of Eurocentric cuisine and South Africa’s local and authentic culinary flair. The restaurant also boasts a marvellous selection of both local and international wines, which have been put together to give Joburgers a unique and complete dining experience.

Marble is the brainchild of businessman Gary Kyriacou and renowned chef David Higgs. The journey to creating one of the city’s finest eateries began one morning when Kyraicou called chef Higgs to discuss a concept he had for a restaurant. Higgs, who has extensive experience in culinary and cuisine, became increasingly fascinated by the idea of sharing his unique culinary style and food offering with the broader city.

My partner and I have long been fascinated by what makes the South African fare unique, and we believe it’s down to us being meat and flame enthusiasts. Gary actually called me on morning and said he wanted to meet to discuss the prospects of opening up a new restaurant. I was at my old place of employment then and that particular call couldn’t have come at a better time. I also wanted to do something different, so naturally, the idea of dining a capacity of over 200 people fascinated me. Essentially, we were both looking to create a restaurant where a sophisticated dining experience would be accessible to everyone, said Higgs.

The restaurant offers an assortment of meals served over a divine setting and an amazing host of waitron staff. The menu remains the same for both lunch and dinner, and each meal is concise and beautifully presented. You’ll find paprika, harissa, chipotle and other well-known smokey components dotted through the dishes, but other fascinations, like smoked eggs, ash butter, burnt orange and dishes like the coal-roasted soup, will have foodies clamouring for more.

Gary and I wanted to create something that would offer Joburg diners something different – not just a plate of food, but a theatre of experience. We wanted to celebrate the extraordinary offering of local cuisine and culture, which includes the quintessential South African tradition of cooking on fire. All our food is prepared on a fire – not just our fish and poultry, but vegetables and breads as well. At Marble, diners can expect an outstanding service or offering and one of the best views of the city, concludes Higgs.

Marble is open from lunch time to 10 pm on weekdays and weekends. The bar area remains open until the late hours of the evening. To book a table, call 0105945550.

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