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What’s your hamburger persona?

Trust us – nobody can turn down a good burger. Find the right one for you.

Heart attack Jack

You love living life to the fullest and won’t compromise enjoyment for caution or calories. So you’ll love the Big Bad Wolf from The Wolfpack (find it in Parkhurst!), piled sky-high with wasabi onion rings and dripping with fresh tomato and garlic aioli. It’s so good it’ll make your heart skip a beat. 21 4th Avenue, Parkhurst. Details: 011-447-7705

Queen of green

If you’re a proud vegetarian or vegan, Dukes Burgers in Greenside is just as famous for their vegetarian fanfare as they are for their meaty masterpieces. Try the Lady Marmalade with rosemary roast butternut, red onion marmalade, fried halloumi and basil pesto topped with mango chutney and cucumber ribbons. We bet even the meat lovers can’t wait to fill up on their five-a-day now! 14 Gleneagles Rd, Greenside. Details: 011-486-0824

Banting Betty

The bread doth not maketh the burger and Hudsons The Burger Joint in Parkhurst proves it with their ‘guido’-style option sans bun. Instead, you can enjoy your guilt-free burger on a bed of lettuce or with a wheat-free roll. But they still have an array of other regular style but superior tasting burgers, if that’s your thing. Corner 4th Avenue and 14th Street, Parkhurst. Details: 011-268-0713

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