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Food talk with Cara-Lisa Sham

Get excited – the lovely Cara-Lisa shares her fave foodie spots with us.

Best Indian restaurant

Thava Norwood is my favourite Indian restaurant. It serves the most authentic Indian cuisine I’ve ever tasted in Joburg. I also love the ambiance, which adds to the experience of true Indian dining, and the service is fantastic!

Best place to buy fresh produce

My favourite place to buy fresh produce is a tie between Oaklands Farm Supply which has the best quality produce, Fourways Farmers’ Market (for its organic produce) and Food Lover’s Market for the best prices. They all have their own strengths, so I can’t choose one.

Best place to buy gourmet-to-go

The Schwarma Co. on Grant Avenue is my favourite for gourmet-to-go-style eating. It’s the best place to go when I’m hungry and not in the mood to cook – the top quality Middle Eastern cuisine it serves really hits the spot.

Best patisserie

Belle’s Patisserie is my go-to patisserie for sweet treats. I absolutely love the red velvet cupcakes and cheesecake. They’re always such a hit when I take them with me to dinner parties as well. I also love that it has Banting-friendly and healthy desserts! All the taste with none of the guilt.

Best pizza with avo

I’d go with Polpetta in Rivonia as my pick for the best pizza joint. The pizza bases are definitely unbeatable. I also really enjoy the Banting bases. The avocado is always extremely fresh, which, for me, is an essential part of a good avo pizza. I’m definitely an avo lover!

Best spot to go for a pizza

Again, I’d go with Polpetta. I’m all about thin, light, crispy bases and fresh toppings when it comes to pizza. It consistently takes top spot for me when it comes to both these factors.

Best supermarket for all your essentials

Checkers is where I go for all my supermarket essentials. It’s the most economically priced with a great variety. I’d say Dis-Chem as a close second.

Best takeaway burger

Dukes in Greenside serve my favourite takeaway burgers. It uses top quality meat for the patties and the burgers are large, juicy and satisfying. The fries are fresh and crisp and the milkshakes are utterly decadent. It’s definitely worth a visit.

Best tea garden

La Vie en Rose at the Killarney Country Club is my idea of the perfect Joburg tea garden. The venue has beautiful surroundings and delicious options for an authentic, fantastic high tea experience.


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