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Check out Anne’s top food picks

Anne Dolinschek was more than happy to share her fave eat and drink spots around the city with us … thanks Anne!

Best bakery

The best bakery in Joburg is Knead in the Michelangelo Towers. It has anything you’re looking for if you’re in the mood for carbs!

Best caterer

Ah! The best caterer has to be a small restaurant in Parktown North called Moemas. I’ve been to an event it catered and it’s just the best! It serves delicious food and has good vegetarian options.

Best chocolate

I’m a chocoholic so asking me this question is like asking me to choose between one of my children! I love Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Caramel chocolate. It’s so good. I also enjoy the toffee Chuckles from Woolies. They’re delicious.

Best coffee shop

Well choosing my favourite coffee shop is a bit awkward because I’m not very into coffee! I enjoy going to Vida Café, if I’m going out with friends. They can have coffee and I get my tea.  We also love having High Tea at 54 on Bath. It has delicious snacks as well, it’s affordable, great quality and the setting is beautiful.

Best continental deli

Fournos is my favourite continental deli. I love the croissants and muffins. The carboholic in me is resurfacing here! I really enjoy its food and it’s all very fresh.

Best frozen yogurt

Wakaberry is my favourite place to get frozen yogurt on a Sunday afternoon, when I can breathe. If I had to pick a favourite flavour, I choose peanut butter but I’m more into the toppings. I love Astros – they’re one of my favourite toppings!

Best food market

Neighbourgoods is my favourite food market because you find anything and everything to eat there. I’m not deterred by the distance as I travel all over Johannesburg. It’s so lovely there … you can have something to eat, or have a drink at 10am if that’s what you feel like.

Best Indian restaurant

Ghazal is the best Indian restaurant in Johannesburg. It has a lot of veggie stuff which is great for vegetarians like me! There’s one dish I love there – I can’t think of the name but it has a lot of potatoes and I love my carbs. It’s delicious.

Best place to buy fresh produce

I have two places – Woolies, where I usually go for my fruit and veg during the week. Then when I do my big shop, I go to Fruit and Veg City. It has such a large variety and I especially love the Chinese pears.


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