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Shop at Nicole’s fave stores

Looking for the best garden centre or home décor store? Just ask Nicole Olwagen!

Best book shop

I love second-hand book-shopping and finding little gems for little cost, so I’ll mission around Melville (Bookdealers Melville) or Randburg. For a great selection of new and local books my favourite is Exclusive Books in Sandton and I have really enjoyed it when it hosts guest speakers in the evenings.

Best computer/electronics store

This is definitely more up my fiancé’s alley. He’s the one who sorts out all the tech and entertainment in our home. When there’s something I need I generally go to Dion Wired in Nicolway.

Best florist

I love the flower shop at Pineslopes Centre (Fourways Flower Market). If I could have fresh flowers in my house every day, I’d be the happiest person!

Best furniture/home décor store

I work in Design Quarter so I’m spoilt for choice. My fiancé and I recently moved to a new place so I often browse through the stores during my lunch break. @Home has an awesome selection of affordable furniture and decor that fits my mix n’ match style. I wish I could have a home that looks like my Pinterest board but I just have too many styles that I love.

Best garden centre

Lifestyle Home Garden is really incredible. You’ll find everything you need there.

Best hardware store

Definitely Builders Warehouse … the Rivonia Store is huge and has absolutely everything you could ask for, including a great garden centre and awesomely helpful staff.

Best home decor

The Ceramic Factory in Linden is a place where you need to be strong-willed so as not to buy everything on the shelves. It has beautiful hand-crafted goods with a minimalistic style that can fit into any home.

Best kitchen essentials shop

I’d have to say @Home again – it has great brands and a diverse range.

Best online shopping site

As soon as I type “su” into Google Chrome, Superbalist pops up. Google knows … I must have a wish list consisting of at least 10 pages of fashion, jewellery and home decor!

Best outdoor/camping store

Outdoor Warehouse – for festivals, load shedding needs or weekends away, it’s the spot I trust most.

Best shopping mall

I love Nicolway and Rosebank Mall … Nicolway for speciality stores and Rosebank for the new, great look and feel, and amazing shops.

Best shop for life’s little luxuries

Being a food fanatic, every time I go to Nicolway, I have to pop into the iCook store. You’ll find fancy flavoured teas and decorative, dainty teapots, beer bread-making kits and everything in between. It’s a great store for birthday gifts when you’re not sure what to get a food-loving friend. Oil and Vinegar is another firm favourite for tasty culinary treats like pestos, flavoured pastas and dipping sauces.

Best sporting goods store

I love Mr Price Sport in Sandton – cheap is good for me.

Best stationery store

Herbert Evans is an art/stationery shop that I love to visit when I’m feeling crafty. For more trendy stuff, the Typo in Nicolway is cute and manageable (giant stores often intimidate me).


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