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Ryan’s best ‘be merry’ spots

Celebrate life and have fun at Ryan Hignett’s top ‘be merry’ spots in the city!

Best bottlestore to buy beer:

TOPS in Lonehill. It’s literally in the same street where I live and open until 8pm so it’s perfect for those unplanned house parties I tend to throw. My brew of choice is Peroni.

Best bottlestore to buy wine:

Bootleggers in Fourways. It actually has sommeliers to help you with your purchases and wine is a firm favourite of mine. I’ve always made sure I have a wide selection at home for my guests.

Best cocktail bar:

My best cocktail bar is Social on Main. It has an extensive cocktail menu and I’m guilty of having tried way too many of them. The best time to go is after work on a Friday and be sure to grab an Uber, as the party continues way into the night.

Best craft beer pub:

Craft in Parkhurst.

Best drink to get the party started:

My best drink is champagne, particularly Dom Perignon. Champagne is always associated with celebrations and I believe life in general should be a celebration and every day should be treated as a special occasion.

Best local band:

I love Rubber Duc’s music and live performances and the lead singer, Nick Jordaan, has been a best friend for nine years.

Best neighbourhood pub:

My best neighbourhood pub is definitely Salsa Mexican Grill in Fourways. It’s more like a restaurant/bar than a pub but I go every week because I love tequila and it has the most incredible flavoured tequilas, the best margaritas and the tastiest nachos in Joburg. It’s a great place for a relaxed first date too.

Best nightclub:

Best nightclub is the VIP Room in Sandton. I love the intimate atmosphere and the music is always diverse and pumping.

Best pick-up spot:

My favourite pick-up spot is ironically not a club or bar but actually a gym. I love working out and Switch Playground in Lonehill combines the most insane workouts with killer house music and DJs, and all the hotties in Joburg go to the classes. It’s a great place for people to meet and spot eye candy.


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