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See Shashi’s top picks

There’s so much to try and see in our city, right? That’s why we caught up with Shashi Naidoo, to get her top ‘be merry’ picks.

Best bottlestore to buy beer:

Norman Goodfellows is the place I’d go if I were in the market to buy beer. I’m not much of a beer drinker but it would be my best pick.

Best bottlestore to buy wine:

The place I go to buy my wine is Norman Goodfellows because it’s the best bottle store to go to. It’s close by and the staff who work there really know their stuff. They are super helpful as well – if you have any questions they are more than willing to help.

Best cocktail bar:

I’d say the best cocktail bar in Joburg is definitely Island Bar at the Southern Sun in Hyde Park. I love the vibe there, it’s classy and I enjoy the overall ambience. I don’t have a favourite when I go there – I usually just let the barman surprise me! I give him the base of my drink and he’ll make something using my suggestion. I always love what he comes up with.

Best craft beer pub:

I’m not really a beer person but I’ll go with Craft in Parkhurst. I love Parkhurst when going out for drinks after a long week. It’s a great environment in which to relax.

Best drink to get the party started:

The best drink for me is definitely a tie between a gin and tonic and a vodka and soda. There’s this amazing place that makes really good gin cocktails called Workshop 55 – it makes the best gin cocktails in the country!

Best local band:

My favourite band is definitely Goldfish. They are incredible and their music just reminds me of summer in Cape Town and their performances at Shimmy Beach Club. Their music is great – really upbeat and uplifting.

Best neighbourhood pub:

I live in the Norwood area and there aren’t many neighbourhood pubs around there. I think the best neighbourhood bar is probably Union Pop-Up Bar.

Best nightclub:

I don’t remember the last time I went to a club! I’d say the best nightclub is VIP Room in Sandton. That’s where I’d go if I were in the mood for that sort of thing.

Best pick-up spot:

The best pick-up-spot in Joburg is Parkhurst, without a doubt. The vibe is relaxed and everyone is there to have a good time with a drink in their hand. It’s so much fun and I really enjoy going there.

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