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Get to know Sese

Sese Tetiwe gives us the lowdown on her foodie faves.

Best bakery:

I love Fournos bakery – it’s my favourite. What makes Fournos so special is that I think the owners give away a lot of the unsold food – everything is baked in the morning which means it’s always fresh! It has really great doughnuts, brownies, samoosas and sandwiches. You can just go there and get staff to make you a sandwich with your choice of fillings.

Best butcher:

I don’t have a favourite butchery because I’m always preparing food for myself. I’m a single girl which means I don’t prepare big meals often … so usually, it’s just Woolies or Pick n Pay!

Best caterer:    

I would definitely choose my aunt, Nokululeko Sisulu’s catering business NKF as the best! It caters for all sorts of events and makes the best food! NKF always caters for all our family’s events. I love its food.

Best chocolate:

My pick for best chocolate has to be Lindor by Lindt! I love all its chocolates and Toblerone as well. Okay, so they’d have to tie for my favourite chocolate. I can’t get enough of them.

Best coffee shop:

The best coffee shop in Joburg has to be Seattle Coffee Co. I love going there to buy coffee on a Sunday afternoon to relax. My absolute favourite is definitely the café latte.

Best continental deli:

I am not really a deli person. I don’t buy food from delis so I really don’t have any favourites.

Best frozen yogurt:

Wakaberry is my favourite place for frozen yogurt! I don’t have a favourite flavour, I just go there and go crazy with all the toppings. I’m obsessed with the toppings – they’re the best part.

Best food market:

The best food market is Food Lover’s Market in Fourways, by far! When I go there, I enjoy the fruit smoothies and I buy fruit and vegetables – in fact, I actually do most of my grocery shopping there!

Best Indian food:

There’s a very small restaurant in Wendywood which sells the best Indian food. It’s my favourite restaurant and is called Taste of Durban or Durban Taste … and it’s the best. What I like about the restaurant is that I know the chef and the whole way the restaurant is run is very personal because it’s quite small and not a franchise. I highly recommend the rotis and rice.

Best place to buy biltong:

I’m not choosy about the best places to buy it. I’ll buy it anywhere – Checkers, Spar, even at an Engen garage. I’m not fussy at all.

Best place to buy fresh produce:

I love everything at Food Lover’s Market where fresh produce is concerned. The vegetables, fruit and fruit smoothies are the best.

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