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Stevie’s top foodie spots

Want to know more about Stevie French’s fave eat and drink spots? We’ve got all the answers here.

Favourite bakery:

Patisserie de Paris in Blairgowrie is great for its cheese croissants, dark Belgian hot chocolate and sandwiches. In fact for anything with carbs, this is the best place to go. I often go on a Sunday morning while walking my dog, Samantha.

Favourite butcher:

Meat on Grant and Alpine Meat Co are tied as my favourite places to buy meat or chicken. I enjoy the good quality and variety at both butcheries. I usually buy the chicken because it’s local as I’m not impressed with the standard of the imported chicken you find in supermarkets.

Favourite chocolate:

I’m very extreme when it comes to chocolate. I enjoy expensive chocolate or the more affordable variety, especially all the Lindt flavours – I can’t name one as I love them all. I also like Bournville dark chocolate which I indulge in regularly and buy at a more than affordable price at my local Spar.

Best coffee shop:

I’m not a coffee person although I used to be very into coffee. Then I woke up one day and didn’t like it because I no longer enjoyed the taste. Now I opt for a chai latte from Motherland in Rosebank as I enjoy the way it tastes and am more than happy for this to be an alternative to coffee.

Best fish deli:

I’m not a fussy person when it comes to fish. I tend to opt for Woolworths’ fish because it’s convenient and good quality.

Best food market:

The Fourways Farmers’ Market is my favourite food market, mostly because of its summery, festive atmosphere. Although the Neighbourgoods Market in Braamfontein comes a close second, it’s surpassed by the outdoor feel of the former as it fits more into my idea of what a Sunday is all about – an outdoor, relaxed setting. I don’t really enjoy the indoor industrial feel of the Braamfontein market. My best buys from the Farmers’ Market are the cheeses.

Best Indian restaurant:

Now we’re talking. I have a passion for Indian food and two favourites come to mind.  These are Taste of Punjab in Parkview and Ghazal in Bryanston. Ghazal would be my first choice. My favourite meals there are the curries – I’m not fussy and enjoy them all.

Best place to buy biltong:

Alpine Meat Co. has the best biltong and my favourite is the dry wors. When it comes to biltong, I keep it very simple, opting for the traditional beef biltong in stick form.

Best place to buy fresh produce:

The greengrocer at Carreira Centre is my pick for the best produce in town. It’s fresh, locally grown, affordable and good quality. I also buy good quality flowers at the centre as well as Greek yoghurt.



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