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Summer veggie garden

This year, we’re sowing loads of delicious summer vegetables. According to Kirchhoffs Seeds, October is the best month to sow and plant bush and runner beans, beetroot, brinjals, carrots, chillies and sweet peppers, all the different kinds of squash and melons, sweetcorn, Swiss chard and tomatoes. We’re also moving our veggie gardens to the patio this season …the latest trend in food gardening is doing it on the patio, using veggies bred to be compact, with high yields which are perfect for pots. The range of Simply Delicious patio veggies is growing – several different types of tomatoes, cucumber, brinjals, zucchini, mini butternut, mini sweet peppers, chillies, kale, salad mixes and herb mixes. The latest introduction is the Simply Delicious tomato, Napoli – a Roma container tomato that bears fruit within 63 days from transplanting. Plants are compact and bear masses of bright red, pear shaped fruit, 5-6cm in diameter, with a meaty, tangy flavour. Plants grow 45cm high and about 90cm wide, and will need support in the container because of the heavy load of fruit. Water regularly, even daily in very hot weather, and feed once a month with a liquid fertilizer. The plant’s excellent disease resistance should result in a good harvest.


Where do you get your veggie plants and seeds from? Let us know!

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