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Batsile’s best Joburg spots

Hang out with Batsile Ramasodi and find out about his fave radio station, sports presenter and theatre (and that’s just the start!).

Best local estate agent

Pam Golding is my favourite – it sells the kinds of houses that I’d love to live in one day.

Best local radio personality

Phat Joe is my favourite local radio personality because he’s versatile. The things I enjoy the most about him is his wit and his presenting. He can be serious, naughty and funny. He carries the show well – whether it’s his show or another person’s show.

Best local radio show

I listen to and enjoy a variety of radio stations so it’s difficult to pick my favourite. If I had to choose, I’d go with Metro FM’s the Touchdown Drive or The Morning Fix. I love these shows because they represent a lot of the things I’m about. The target audience is driven and youthful without being too young.

Best local radio station

Metro FM.

Best local sports hero

Caster Semenya exemplifies the characteristics of the best local sports star. She’s inspiring because she’s 100 per cent into everything in which she’s involved. She’s serious about her craft and represents fearlessly chasing your dreams. She’s also a positive role model for a great many people to fully embrace everything they are and excel.

Best local sports presenter

I’d have to go with Andile Ncube because he’s young, but not too young. He’s respectable and he knows what he’s talking about. He’s knowledgeable about his craft and presents well. I’d also have to go with Robert Marawa because he has staying power, and is also very good at what he does.

Best local TV programme

I think Isibiya is a good local television show. Everything about it is excellent, from the storyline to the acting to the execution.

Best place to take out-of-towners

Rosebank would be the place I’d take someone from out of town. There’s lots to do, we could sit down and converse at so many places. Another place that’s quite amazing is Lory Park in Midrand. It’s a zoo and has everything. It’s really cool there.

Best theatre

For theatre, I’d recommend the Johannesburg Theatre as the best place to see a show. There’s always something good playing if you’re in the mood for a musical. The Market Theatre is amazing as well, for something more dramatic. What I love about this theatre is that it’s launched the careers of many young professionals in the industry. If you’re interested in seeing plays like those put on at the National Arts Festival, this is the place to find them.

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