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Wacky facts about Joburg you may, or may not have known

Johannesburg has become an internationally renowned and buzzing metropolis, which celebrates a diverse heritage and history. But like many other major cities, the city of gold has a number of interesting facts that make it one of the most intriguing locales for many.

Here are some facts about Joburg you might find fascinating.
1. Water takes longer to boil in Joburg

Yip! you heard right. Because Joburg is situated 2 000 meters above sea level, water takes a minute longer to boil in this city – than in any of the cities along coastal areas. This is partly because the air in Joburg isn’t as dense as that in Cape Town or Durban. With this in mind, research and observations even suggest that it might take you longer to bake a cake or even muffins in Joburg.
2. Joburg is the smallest yet fastest growing major city in the world

Image: Braamfontein, Johannesburg

Although ranked among the youngest and smallest cities in the world, Joburg it is still one of the fastest growing, according to research. With an estimated population of over 4.4 million people, the buzzing metropolis has established itself as modern and prosperous African city, earning prominence as one of Africa’s most thriving cities.



3. Still Africa’s biggest ‘dry port’ 

Johannesburg is the largest city in Africa which is not built on a coastline, or on a river or lake.

According to experts, no in-land city compares to Jozi in size, and some have gone as far as to call it the biggest ‘dry port’ in the world. Sure there are other cities bigger than Joburg all over, but they are either situated within a coastal area or built near a lake or river. More than half of the cargo that arrives through the ports of Durban and Cape Town arrives at the container terminal at City Deep.


4. There is also another Johannesburg in California

Although it is home to a population of only 200 people according to a census conducted in 2000 – another Johannesburg can be found in California, USA. The town was founded by American miners who worked in South Africa during the mining boom. The miners moved back to America after they had managed to make enough revenue. Because of this, people of South African origin can actually be found in that town to this day.


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