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Get perfect eyebrows in under two minutes

Here are six steps to shape and fill your arches for perfect eyebrows in minutes:


You will need:

  • An spooley brush
  • An angled synthetic brush or your old mascara brush
  • Tinted brow gel
  • A couple of cotton buds (two at most)
  • Concealer and an eyebrow stencil (optional)



Step 1: Brush your eyebrows using a spooley brush. It always helps to start brushing from the middle to the
lower part of your eyebrow as this helps create a flawless natural shape.

Step 2: Position your eyebrows into the shape of your desire using the angled synthetic brush. If you don’t have naturally strong brows, draw a brow shape that best flatters the shape of your face.

Step 3: Now that you have created your ideal brow shape, fill in the contours you have drawn using the tinted brow gel. Continue to fill your eyebrows until you have created a nice ombre effect.


Experts say it is important to choose a colour that best matches your natural skin tone as this will help achieve a more radiant and natural look. Failing to do this will leave your brows looking unnatural and unflattering. Keep in mind to never use black gels and black eye pencils for contouring!


Step 4: Continue to fill your eyebrows until you have created a nice ombre effect.

You might also want to shade the outline of your eyebrows using your tinted brow gel or concealer. This will help give your brows a bolder definition.

Step 5:  Gently shape or reposition your brows using the synthetic brush.

Step 6: Give your brows one final brush and prepare to dazzle.


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