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Out and about with Abby

Abby Nurock gives us her take on Joburg’s best bars, bottlestores and more!

Best bottlestore to buy wine

Wine Concepts in BluBird Shopping Centre has an amazing selection of award-winning wines, which is why I’d say it’s the best boutique bottlestore.

Best cocktail bar

Anti Establishment is my favourite bar in Jozi … especially for their cocktails. A Saturday spent in Braamfontein is a guaranteed fun day out.

Best craft beer pub

I’m a fan of The Foundry in Parktown North. The food is delicious and the craft beer selection is great. I’m not a huge beer drinker but when I do drink it, I especially love The Foundry’s selection of Belgian beers. Overall, the place has the best craft beer pub ambience and vibe.

Best drink

The best drink to get the party jumping is a double Johnny Walker Black on the rocks, with a splash of water.

Best local band

I’ve always loved Goldfish – they are musical geniuses and I have loved their work from the get-go.

Best neighbourhood pub

Giles is by far the best neighbourhood pub in Joburg. It serves biltong, shows the rugby and even has the occasional quiz night. What more could you want really?

Best nightclub

I’m a slave to good music, which is why I love And in Newtown. Management brings out quality international DJs and showcases some great local ones too. The sound system is the best in the world and, for me, sound quality is everything!

Best pick-up spot

Hyde Park Hotel is the best pick-up spot. It often has great sunset beats playing and a nice relaxed vibe around the pool.


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