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7 iconic sandwich spots to try

The food in Jozi is amazing. But, just because we have a seemingly endless supply of four-star restaurants to choose from, doesn’t mean we always want a fancy meal. Sometimes all we crave is a good old’ fashioned sandwich… After all, the chefs of this city are doing wonderful things with the filling delights these days.
Here’s a guide to seven fantastic spots with sarmies worth seeking out.


These guys are in the business of baking heavenly loaves of bread so it’s only natural that they’d master the sandwich game as well. Here you get a choice of either Mozzarella or Cheddar, and all their sarmies come with delicious chunky, crispy hand cut potato chips. Fournos have been voted the best in the business, for over 20 years… What are you waiting for? Order something…


The Sandwich Baron

Everything that comes out of The Sandwich Baron is garnished with a dash of perfection and the same goes for all their sarmies. Add to this – that they offer an extremely popular, free delivery service of freshly made-to-order delights, and you have what makes for a unrivaled spot. The Sandwich Baron currently has over 50 stores scattered across the country. Some of their sarmies are made with cheddar and have an excellent rationing of cheese so it isn’t too greasy. To find a branch go to the Sandwich Baron store locator.



With a front row view of what’s happening on De Beer and Juta Street, Braamfontein’s Post is the perfect spot to rest your eyes on life’s on goings while you sink your teeth into something remarkable. They use only the finest sourdough and cheese to make their sandwiches, and at only R20 – you are able to enjoy a delicious sandwich. mmm… magnifique!

70 Juta Street, Braamfontein


Jo’Anna The Melt Bar

Jo’Anna’s is the home of the toasties – they’re keeping the spirit of old fashioned toasties alive and doing it well.  They aren’t stingy on the portions and one would go so far as to compare their sarmies to bear hugs. They are simply divine.

7 7th St, Mellville, Johannesburg



Perched on the corner of 7th Street and 2nd Avenue in Melville – you’ll find this gem that whips up a mean sarmie. Poppy’s layers three slices of bread instead of two, which means  that one can share their delicious sandwiches with family or a friend while waiting for an order. They also make really great chips, not too oily and easy on the palette.



Boasting New York inspired decor and a small cafe feel, Proof is an uncomplicated coffee spot and eatery in Sandton. This hidden gem whips up some of the most delicious sandwiches, and has become quite legendary for their hot pressed short rib sandwich. You also might want to try one of their other famous delights, which features an assortment of three cheeses, crispy strips of bacon and tucked in between a foot long. For those who have not yet been, this spot is definitely bucket list worthy…


Pizza Del Forno

This spot is known for its pizzas but don’t let that fool you. They give life to the saying go big or go home; with an ample amount of cheddar cheese melted between two large rectangular slices of brown bread. Pizza Del Forno offers traditional Italian flare, ranging from pizzas, pastas and salads, to grills, sandwiches and coffees. They boast an addictive offering of sandwich delights at a reasonable price of course. Click here to see their menu.


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