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Best Toy Store – Toys R Us

When it’s time for a break from school, it’s play time – and kids know they’ll find just what they need to have fun at Toys R Us (best toy store). Mums and dads love this store too – after all, its focus is not only on making children smile but on making parenting easier too. Don’t think it’s only the kids who’ll find something desirable though – parents and grandparents are bound to find something too.


We’re so honoured, especially as this is a customer vote, which makes it that much more valuable! We’re ecstatic that our valued Joburg customers have voted for us! – Nicole Jansen van Vuuren, marketing manager of Toys R Us.

Top buys at the moment, according to Toys R Us:

The Glitter Girls and Frozen products are all the rage, while Barbie, Paw Patrol, action figurines and Lego remain core favourites.

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