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Best Special Event Venue – The Park House of Events on 7

Some events are just too big to host at home (huge birthday bashes, massive bar mitzvahs, large weddings) –  and corporate events always need a suitable venue. Enter The Park House of Events on 7 (best special event venue) … a grand space that can be transformed to a style or theme of your choice. The winning formula? Being flexible, hospitable and living out its philosophy that ‘respect is everything’. Oh, and the word ‘no’ is not in its vocabulary. Yes please! You’ll find it at Hyde Park Corner shopping centre, so there’s safe parking for guests.


We’re only as good as the professionals we surround ourselves with – partners who believe anything is possible  – and together we can make it happen. This is the philosophy we live by and is not negotiable – Leah McCrae, managing director at The Park House of Events on 7.

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