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Best Gym – Virgin Active

Sit-ups. Push-ups. Runs on the treadmill. It’s time to beat the bulge … so step into your local Virgin Active (best gym). We find we actually enjoy working out at this gym – which is just what Virgin Active is on a mission to do by making fitness fun. Clearly Joburgers also rate this gym highly. With so many of them dotted around Joburg there’s no excuse not to pop in for a session before work (or do a quick workout during lunchtime – and it’s a great way to de-stress at the end of the day). Expect to find a relaxed environment, along with many ways to work out … from group exercise classes (we love spinning) to one-on-one training sessions using top-notch equipment. When you’re done letting off steam, step into one of the saunas to unwind, then savour the health foods on offer while browsing the Net. Staying fit and healthy is easy at this spot.


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