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Best Local Shopping Centre – Thrupps Illovo Centre

Convenient. Hassle-free. A place with offerings that suit our lifestyle. That’s what we’re after when we consider our local shopping centres. Thrupps Illovo Centre (best local shopping centre) offers all this (and more), with retailers who are really helpful. With so much development on Illovo’s boundaries, this centre’s even more of a drawcard and we can see why! It has a really relaxed, sophisticated yet familiar atmosphere and each business has something handy and trendy to offer, so whether you’re a student, a top exec or a mum, you’ll find what you need for yourself, your family and your home. Details:

We’re thrilled that your readers and our shoppers recognise the uniqueness of Thrupps Illovo Centre and have acknowledged this by voting for us two years in a row – Thrupps Illovo Centre management.

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