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Best Car Dealership – Jaguar Land Rover Sandton

Fewer things scream luxury, elegance and class than a Jaguar or a Land Rover (a Landy is the choice of the Royals after all!). While both vehicles are sure to thrill you, deciding which one is just right for you could create a bit of angst. That’s where Jaguar Land Rover Sandton (best car dealership) on Rivonia Road comes in. It aims not to simply sell you a mere car … staff are passionate about creating a seriously exciting lifestyle experience for Joburgers through these elite vehicles. Clearly, they’re doing just that. Details: 011-548-0500; or

Worth a mention

While we may be inclined to wrap these vehicles in cotton wool … they’re for enjoying, and you can do this at the Jaguar Land Rover Experience (just a little drive from the dealership in Sandton to Lonehill), where you can put your new car (or one of theirs) to the test on tailor-made obstacles at the adventure park or try the skidpan and other test tracks (not for the faint-hearted). The kids won’t get bored watching you … they can try their hand at driving tiny electric Jaguar F-Types and quarter-scale electric Land Rover Defenders. Then refuel your own tank at the lovely restaurant. Details: 010-023-0462.

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