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Best Fashion Boutique & Best Women’s Clothing Store – Nicci Boutiques

When it comes to fashion, Joburg women choose styles that embrace their individuality and ensure they look super-stylish but feel comfortable too. That’s why they shop at the multi-brand chain, Nicci Boutiques (best fashion boutique) and (best women’s clothing store). Whoopee! The range is extensive and ever-changing, so choices are plentiful and consultants really know their stuff. You can walk in with no idea what to wear to an upcoming function and in no time they’ll have you dressed in an outfit you never want to take off! Garments are sourced from Europe (think France and Italy), and its own exclusively-designed Cocoon label has really stylish items too. This boutique chain also embraces #fashionwithaconscience and collaborates with charities and institutions to make fashion a tool for change.


We’re constantly pushing the boundaries and on the lookout for new and exciting merchandise from all the fashion capitals of the world. Nicci has a finger on the fashion pulse, anticipates the constant changes within the fashion world and is continuously evolving, ensuring we stay relevant – Chanel Jansen van Vuuren, marketing assistant at Nicci Boutiques.

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