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Best Sushi – Wasabi Sushi and Grill

So you love sushi (we couldn’t live without it!) … but have you ever considered springbok carpaccio in sushi? How about a drizzle of cranberry sauce or balsamic reduction over it? How about dressed in biscuit crumbs? Talk about revolutionising sushi in Joburg! This is precisely what Wasabi Sushi and Grill (best sushi restaurant) in the Mall of Africa is doing. (We tried all these and more, and have to agree with Joburg in giving this one a thumbs-up.) If you really can’t stomach the thought of sushi, then try one of the meat dishes … they’re flambéed at your table with cognac … which is quite an experience!


It’s great to keep it in the group. Last year Fireroom won the award, which is also our brand – George Cava, owner of Wasabi.

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