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Best Chinese Restaurant – Red Chamber Mandarin Restaurant

If you’ve got a palate for different spices and enjoy sharing meals, then you’ve just got to try the Red Chamber Mandarin Restaurant (best Chinese restaurant) in Hyde Park Corner – voted top by Joburgers in this competition for 10 years! (Bookworms, you’d be correct if you guessed the restaurant is named after one of China’s greatest novels.) At this spot, you’ll be encouraged to share a whole range of dishes … there’s a belief that it’s only through sharing dishes that you’ll be able to really experience the full scale of tastes, textures, colours and aromas of a Chinese meal. We definitely understand why the cucumber salad with chilli and garlic is one of the signature dishes. The Peking duck is another highlight, but actually, every dish is packed with such distinct flavours, they’re all worth a try.


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