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Joint Winners Best Business Lunch – Tashas & Nostimo By Mythos

Don’t let the boardroom create boredom … switch things up like other Jozi business people and crunch numbers over the salt and pepper at Nostimo By Mythos or Tashas (joint winners of best business lunch). We know Mythos for its authentic Greek experience – the design, cuisine and background music really create a Mediterranean vibe. Nostimo is a destination restaurant, close to many companies, so it’s ideal for business people. (Honestly, you’ll like it so much, you’ll probably revisit it at the weekend with the whole fam!). Details:

More wins for Tashas:

Tashas (best breakfast) and (best brunch) gives us the perfect excuse not to have to set foot into the kitchen in the mornings. It’s warm, inviting and homely, but with an air of sophistication. There are a few of these dotted around Joburg, each with a timeless, classy-café feel with lovely classic and bespoke menus. The simple style of the breakfast menu is a perfect example to showcase Tashas’ authentic dishes … expect loads of innovation too. You can’t beat the breakfast royale (two poached eggs, asparagus or spinach, lemon sauce and seeded bread) … we add crispy Parma ham. Yum! Details:

We may have popped to Tashas for brekkie … but there’s no stopping us from returning for lunch too. With its timeless classy-café feel, Tashas is not only a top choice for a casual lunch but it’s a top spot for business people to host their lunch meetings too. There are light meal choices to enjoy during a leisurely lunch – and you’re sure to close that deal! Details:


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