Best Ribs, Best Kids' Restaurant & Best Kids' Party Spot – Spur Steak Ranches | Best of Joburg
Best Ribs, Best Kids’ Restaurant & Best Kids’ Party Spot – Spur Steak Ranches

They’re messy. They’re probably not the best choice for a first date. But when ribs taste as good as those at Spur Steak Ranches (best ribs), how could one resist? With a whopping 52 years in the bag, this restaurant knows how to make our whole family’s taste buds salivate, and there’s sure to be one close to you. When we say the whole family … we mean it. It’s won (best kids’ restaurant) as well as (best kids’ party spot). It’s not hard to see why. While you tuck into those ribs, the little ones enjoy a host of activities. Ahead of the party, Spur can help with ideas for designing the invites and cake – in a Spur theme of course! Let the fun begin.


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