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Fresh Produce – Woolworths

No time to waste in the early morning – grab a bottle of water and on-the-go fresh fruit as a pre-exercise snack (love the coconut). Thank goodness for Woolworths (best fresh produce) … it really adds so much convenience to every day. Fresh and flavoursome food, innovation and seriously good quality is what you can expect from this retailer, which aims to offer a range of sustainably-sourced items and inspiring meal solutions. Clearly, it’s delivering exactly this. Through its Good Business Journey, Woolies aims to be one of the world’s most responsible retailers. Joburg backs you, Woolies! Details:

We’re honoured and humbled by this recognition and wish to thank all our customers in Joburg for all their support – Kirsten Hewett, head of corporate communication and public relations for Woolworths.

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