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Best Butchery & Best Continental Deli – Thrupps & Co

Whether you love sport or aren’t the biggest fan, there’s no denying we Joburgers tend to make an event of the big games … even the small ones. Whether it’s night soccer matches, Saturday rugby games or Sunday Formula 1 … there’s always an excuse to light the braai. Naturally, we know just where to get our perfect cuts along with the tastiest cheeses, cold meats and salads – at Thrupps & Co (best butchery) and (best continental deli). Joburgers seriously trust this shop … after all, it’s been around for a whopping 126 years! It may be on our doorstep in Illovo, but people travel for its products (all 29 000 and more of them!). The ham at Christmas is a must on your shopping list and the meat cuts can be used for anything from fine dining to snacks.


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