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Best Bakery – Fournos

It’s off to work we go – but first, it’s time to treat our colleagues. Why bake when there’s a bakery that’s been in the business of making our mouths water for the past 30 years? Yep, we’ve just celebrated this milestone with Fournos (best bakery). Step through the doors to find freshly baked breads, decadent cakes, biscuits, quiches – the choice is plentiful and all made from scratch without preservatives. It’s real, honest food. In fact, Fournos’ staff joke: ‘When times are tough, people eat bread; when times are good, people celebrate and eat cake. We’re in the business of both.’ The buttery croissants are always a win, so pick up a dozen for your work mates while grabbing a ‘make your own sandwich’ for your lunch. Details:

An award feels like it’s deserved when the audience or the market is the electorate and it’s they that have voted for Fournos. It’s far better than receiving an award based on a panel of judges. That’s why we’ve won this award for 23 years and why we’ve stayed in business for the last 30 years – because of our customers! Thank you to our customers! The customer remains the most important aspect of any business! Michael Kalogirou, director of the Fournos Group.

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