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The Bra Guru has us saying ‘Bra-vo’!

Never underestimate the power of a well fitting bra. Not only does it make one feel more comfortable, but the correct piece of underwear can transform just about any outfit – taking it’s wearer from zero to hero! Um, that’s you and me, by the way!

That said we were of course intrigued to check out local personal bra fitting specialis, The Bra Guru, who have just opened their doors, and are located in the Valley Shopping Centre in Craighall Park. This is no run of the mill bra shop, this is a boutique where everyone is welcome, no matter their shape or size (that’s cup size, by the way) and where you not only gain skilled advice, but are fitted by ladies who know what they are doing.
You have individual needs, and every single body is different, and Taryn and her team are here to help. Most women actually have no idea what their bra size is, that’s body circumference and also cup size, and many wear the wrong bra for years before getting fitted correctly. (Case in point the author of this article who thought she was a 36 B – and as it turned out, was a 38E…go figure!)
Taryn is no skinny super model, she is a real life curvy woman who is confident and beautifully presented and this really stood out the first time we visited the store. After looking at us, and finding out what our challenges were with our bra’s Taryn got us sorted out in a few minutes, the immediate effects of wearing the correct size become apparent immediately, lumps and bumps are gone and everything contained – the change on the silhouette is instantaneous and easy to see.
Bra care tips are issued along with your purchase, and Taryn is 100% behind the fact that with a few good bras (read here two or three) you can go for at least a year without needing to purchase more, eliminating the need for loads of bras in your draw, and ultimately cutting down costs. Our thoughts? Rather spend a few hundred Rand extra and get great quality that lasts.
The Bra Guru also offer a wide variety of underwear, swimming costumes and also the most amazing post surgery bras that are made from bamboo and are perfect following surgery as the bamboo allows the wounds to heal better, breathe and are also front fastening making the whole bra wearing process after breast augmentation much easier.
A friendly and comfortable approach will put you at ease, and we cannot recommend this fabulous, freshly decorated in green and airy studio. Added bonus, if you can’t find the size you need Taryn and her team will source it for you, and once your bra size is on record, they will continue to supply you with what you need going forward.
When a bra fits you perfectly you not only feel better but you look great too. You should feel good from foundation out, says Taryn and to be honest we agree with her wholly.

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